Specialise or cross-skill

Slides from my presentation at IxDA Sydney Meetup, 2015 tech edition Skills within the web industry are constantly changing. The roles of UX, design and front end development are shifting and diversifying. Is there a clear line between UX, design and front-end development? Should UX professionals have front-end skills? Specialise or cross-skill from Russ Weakley

CSS pattern libraries

Pattern libraries can be hugely beneficial during the design and development of any website or web application. In this presentation explores pros and cons of moving towards abstracted layouts, we cover: Slides from my presentation at CSS Summit. CSS pattern libraries from Russ Weakley

Responsive Web Design – more than just a buzzword

What is Responsive web design? What is “Mobile first”? Is responsive the best solution in all cases? How do you wireframe responsive? How do you user-test responsive? Find out the answers to these questions, as well as some real world case studies. Slides from my presentation at Designing for Mobility 2014, UX Australia. Responsive Web […]