Source order, skip links and structural labels

Late last year Roger Hudson, Lisa Miller and I did some research into source order, skip links and structural labels.

The results were presented at Ozewai in December 2005, and the Ozewai podcast was then made available in the WSG site.

Now, the full report has just been released – Source Order, Skip links and Structural labels.

On Source order:

“There appears to be little evidence to support the view that screen reader users would prefer to have the content presented first, or find sites easier to use when this occurs.”

On Skip links:

“The wide range of screen reader options for accessing page content means that many experienced users of these technologies do not need to use skip links. But for less experienced screen reader users, it seems clear that many are likely to find skip links a useful device for moving directly to specific sections of the page.”

On Structural labels:

“The inclusion of structural labels seems to be an effective and relatively simple solution to the significant problem some screen reader users have in identifying the different elements on a page.”