Links for light reading (27/02/15)

CSS CSS3 for Web Designers – second edition Font smoothing explained HTML and CSS Examples of Material Design in Action General Dropdown Menus with More Forgiving Mouse Movement Paths The Specialist-Generalist Balance Help Make MODX Accessible Bower and Grunt: match made in heaven Bootstrap 3 Succinctly: Changed Components Features 10 Great Tools for Testing Your […]

Links for light reading (13/02/15)

CSS my sliders – Stuff that can be achieved using just 1 range input Gradient List Bullets Exploring object-fit Recreating the Google Images Search Layout with CSS Bouncy Navigation General Browser Trends February 2015: The US IE8 Rebound Soft skills advice from design leaders Designing Experience Layers Printing Medium stories How WebRTC is going to […]

Links for light reading (06/02/15)

W3C announcements Predefined Counter Styles – W3C Working Draft 03 February 2015 CSS Counter Styles Level 3 – W3C Candidate Recommendation, 3 February 2015 CSS Positioned Layout Module Level 3 – W3C Working Draft 03 February 2015 CSS Create a 2 Column Layout with Flexbox Windows substitutes Helvetica for Arial Styling Effective Carousels mdoml Compositing […]

Specialise or cross-skill

Slides from my presentation at IxDA Sydney Meetup, 2015 tech edition Skills within the web industry are constantly changing. The roles of UX, design and front end development are shifting and diversifying. Is there a clear line between UX, design and front-end development? Should UX professionals have front-end skills? Specialise or cross-skill from Russ Weakley

Links for light reading (01/30/15)

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